Artist Statement

My work is about the duality of life and the dichotomy of personal experiences. I find beauty in the broken and the lifeless, and am intrigued in the transformation of the human body from beginning to end. Using various mediums, I create anatomical works that explore the cycles of life and death and that reflect opposing aspects of my own life. To show this, I often juxtapose vibrant and dull colors, images that are burdensome in visual weight with those that are cloud-like, or feelings of urgency with feelings of rest.

Much of my current body of work tells the story of my life. I have always held books in high regard, as they touch my soul like nothing else, and serves as a metaphor for life. To me, life is made up of chapters, various stories assembled over time. Each piece that I make starts out as its own chapter, a portion of my life. Together, the body of work as a whole creates a finished “book.”

Micki Stark

Exhibition Statement