Artist Statement

My artwork centers round the ideas of femininity and Mother Nature. I use floral imagery as a visual metaphor for the delicacy of nature and the strength of the vagina. I work primarily in watercolor because of its flowing, organic tendencies. This medium also helps to give each one of my pieces a spontaneous quality which further accentuates the unpredictability and randomness that nature has to offer. Each time I stop to look at the Earth I feel a sort of spiritual awakening; I know that a piece of my artwork is complete when I feel that same energy. Through my artwork I want to bring the attention back to beauty and uniqueness of women. When people view my artwork I want them to experience the visceral qualities of Mother Nature’s body.

My intent with this collection of work is to remove the sexuality from the female reproductive organ and introduce maternal nurturing qualities through the use of the color pink. There is a certain level of discomfort society feels when conversing about female anatomy and I want to remove that discomfort. After completing this portion of the creative process I feel more connected to the Earth through my femininity just as a flower is connected to the Earth through its roots.

Sarah Hall

Exhibition Statement