Richard Schuessler

Department Chair
Professor of Art and Design, VCD

BFA 1990 College Name
MFA 1994 College Name

Richard Schuessler received his bachelor of fine arts degree in Graphic Design from the State University of New York and a Masters of Fine Arts in Visual Communications degree from Virginia Commonwealth University. Since joining the UNK faculty in 1993, Richard s artwork, design projects and his student’s projects have been recognized in local, regional and national competitions, such as American Institute of Graphic Arts, American Advertising Federation and Print Magazine to name a few. As a professor and art director for “Dpi Graphics,” students based design studio, Richard is also the web designer/coordinator for the UNK-affiliated Museum of Nebraska Art in Kearney. Richard’s scholarship research interests include the study of teaching methodologies of traditional and new graphic design technologies, artwork development in the areas of computer imaging, screen printing and letterpress based on typographic forms and messages.

Examples of Work

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