A body is a collection of systems in which each part plays a role in maintaining order. There are many checks and balances in place within the body to create equilibrium and maintain a beautifully functioning human being. Within our show, our artwork functions similarly. Each of the five artists in this show has contributed to each other’s life, artwork, and teaching styles. This body of work represents more than just a culmination of the artwork that we have created over the past years but is the story of our friendship.

Amanda deals with discovering her individual identity and the idea of coming to be through nature.

Micki involves temperament and balance and an interplay with our own mortality.

Brian branches towards many sporadic ideas of interest yet it provides a diligent structure and backbone.

Sarah highlights the nurturing and maternal qualities associated with femininity and the woman’s body.

Delaney deals with space in which the body exists and the impact it has on the space.

Our show is a metaphor for homeostasis, which biologically is the process of maintaining a stable psychological state in the individual under varying psychological pressures or stable social conditions in a group under varying social, environmental, or political factors. Each of the artists in this show is a part of this system. This show would not be complete if it were missing any one of these components.