Artist Statement

My influences are derived from all art media. Sculptors, printmakers, and traditional tattoo artists alike inspire me, even though their crafts hardly seem to correlate. I am drawn to their work, but even more their process.

It is the process behind the artistry that draws me to create. The many steps that go into screen printing an image or throwing a bowl on the wheel have therapeutic qualities for me. There is something about knowing what step comes next that breaks down this ethereal monster that we call art into something that is tangible for me.

When creating, I tend to gravitate my subject matter towards one of my many sporadic interests rather than political or social issues. I create things that I enjoy and know will bring me comfort. Often times I try to use processes and techniques that I have learned using one medium and try to apply it to another. This allows me to bring some sense of unity to a collection of work varying in media.

The work that I have produced here has pushed me to discover my true interests and strengths in art media as well as whom I want to be as an artist.

Brian Wamberg

Exhibition Statement