Professor Goro-Rapoport pulling print from a copper plate

UNK Art and Design’s printmaking and drawing professor, Victoria Goro-Rapoport, is featured in the 2017 issue of New Frontiers magazine—a publication created by UNK to highlight research, scholarship, and creative activity across the campus’s varying disciplines.

In Professor Goro-Rapoport’s article, the esteemed printmaker discusses her academic and artistic background; her experience working with etching, mezzotint, and photoplate prints; and the inspiration for her work.

“My art focuses mostly on figures and their relationship to space. I am very interested in architecture as created by man as well as the idea of architecture as a life force,” Professor Goro-Rapoport says in the article.

You can read more about Victoria’s research and inspiration on the UNK News website. You can also check out the rest of UNK’s 10th Anniversary issue of New Frontiers magazine by visiting the magazine’s online flipbook.