Professor Doug Waterfield is displaying new paintings at the The World Theater here in Kearney, NE. It is no secret that Mr. Waterfield is a fan of horror, science fiction, and cult films, so it is no surprise that his new work pays homage to the wonderfully b-rate films of the 1950s.

It Came From Kearney, NE is currently on display and will run through the month of October.

From The World Theatre:

It Came From Kearney, Nebraska!


A show of paintings by Doug Waterfield, Professor of Art at UNK. These eight, 2’ x 3’ paintings are all done in black and white, and are in a horizontal format to mimic the silver screen. The subject is one that is dear to Waterfield’s heart: science fiction films of the 1950s. Each painting is meant to be a “portrait” of the film. All the fun, juicy parts are put together in a single image. As was the case with a lot of these low-budget films, the posters were better than the movies, and any titular monster or alien was usually only visible for a few seconds. Waterfield has trimmed away all the filler to give the viewer just the good stuff! Show is open to the public in the lobby during regular theater hours.

You can see even more of Professor Waterfield’s work by visiting his website.