Ceramic artist Clayton Keyes has spent his life studying the human form and he uses the human body to evoke strong emotions in viewers. Much of his work provides commentary on identity, oppression, and paints a bleak picture of our future as we hurtle towards ecological collapse. It goes without saying that these are timely and challenging themes, ripe to get young artistic gears turning.

Keyes, who is originally from Oklahoma and now living in Salt Lake City, visited UNK for a two-day, hands-on workshop with UNK Art and Design students. Keyes imparted and demonstrated his knowledge of sculpting the human form from clay while also make some expressive work of his own.

Keyes also gave an artist talk attended by students, faculty, and members of the public, speaking on his process and how growing up in the bible-belt influenced his work.

You can view more of Clayton Keyes work at his website: