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Light paintings, monoprint ceramics, 3D computer models, and screen prints were just a handful of activities that over 60 students from ten different high schools took part in during Imagination Day:Reloaded this past Wednesday. One thing that is certain from this event: students left reinvigorated with inspiration and knowledge from the variety of demonstrations and workshops that were offered.

Students began the day by visiting the Museum of Nebraska Art (MONA). While there, students were given a tour of the museum and were able to view current exhibitions.

The day was then broken up into morning and afternoon sessions where students elected to attended workshops taught by UNK’s Art and Design faculty that ranged from the glass blowing process to the basics of software like Cinema 4D. A portfolio workshop was also lead by Professor Doug Waterfield who spoke on the considerations for a solid student portfolio as well as additional professional advice for résumés and interviews. High school instructors also got in on the action through a workshop lead by and Assistant Professor Bill Cavill and Adjunct Instructor Jan Jones.

Thanks to all of the students and instructors who spent the day with us and a big thank you to all of the faculty and staff that made this event possible.

Stay tuned for plans regarding next year’s Imagination Day events. Until then, check out pictures from this year’s Imagination Day: Reloaded event below.