pile of pumpkins

It’s hard to come up with a holiday that is more creative than Halloween. Whether it’s sculpting a pumpkin, assembling the perfect costume, or creating the scariest story, Halloween seems like a holiday tailor-made for artists. Maybe that’s why the Art and Design department continues to go all out for this October holiday.

There was the usual pumpkin carving contest, costumes, sugar packed snacks, horror-themed music, and discussions about the scariest films. However, there were some unique additions to this year’s festivities. For the month of October, students and faculty have been submitting drawings for this year’s Inktober contest which could net winners a drawing tablet or a gift certificate to Amazon. These drawings have been posted daily and displayed in the hallway.

Due to the construction, the Pumpkin Chunkin’—which involves the power slinging of paint-filled pumpkins at a brick wall—was omitted this year as the courtyard is being converted into our new painting and drawing studios. In its place, the temporary wall covering the construction zone has been covered with illustrations and lit up with black lights creating an ominous neon glow to the hallway.

Winners of the Pumpkin Carving Contest were:

Best of Show – MinJi Kil
Most Creative Pumpkin – Maggie Pierson
Ugliest Pumpkin – Yunji Lim
Best Faculty Pumpkin – Prof. Mallory Wetherell

Inktober winners will be announced shortly as faculty submit their ballots.

You can see this year’s pumpkin carving winners along with additional photos for this year’s celebration below.