Sophomore Portfolio Review (SPR)

The deadline for SPR is Monday March 1, 2021. Extension requests must be submitted by Monday February 1, 2021.

SPR Quick Answers

What is the Sophomore Portfolio Review (SPR)?

The goal of the Sophomore Portfolio Review (SPR) is to assess and evaluate the acquired knowledge and skills of a student at the sophomore level within the art program at UNK. The evaluation will determine whether the student is allowed entry into the BFA program or BA in Art Education, or proceed toward a BA degree instead. This process not only helps the department ensure the integrity of our programs but also makes sure that students have the core skills necessary to be successful in their upper-level courses.

The SPR requires a digital portfolio of ten (10) works that demonstrate key competencies that are expected of all students by the second semester of their sophomore year. It also requires a three to five-page, college-level thesis paper. These items are then submitted digitally to the department for review.

Evaluation of the SPR will be completed by the SPR committee comprised of Art and Design faculty and will become part of the student’s academic file. Evaluations will be based on the departmental learning goals taught within the core foundational art courses. Problem areas may require additional effort from the student to provide evidence of sufficient improvement.

Who needs to take the SPR?

Current Students

Students who have enough credits to have reached “Sophomore” status and have completed the following courses must take the SPR in the Spring:

  • ART 102 Drawing I
  • ART 105 Graphic Media
  • ART 118 Color and Design
  • ART 221 Art History Survey I
  • ART 230/211 Ceramics I or 3D Design
Transfer Students

Students who have transferred into the Art & Design department must also complete the SPR once they have completed and/or had equivalent credits transferred for the same foundational art courses listed under “Current Students.” Transfer students, even from a different UNK department, must still complete the SPR.

The deadline for SPR is Monday March 1, 2021. Please make sure that you submit all required components found below.

What is required?

The Digital Portfolio

Throughout your time in the foundational art courses you will have created works that demonstrate your proficiency in the fundamental elements and principles of art and design. Students are encouraged to document their work through digital photos upon their completion in preparation for the SPR.

You will submit a total of ten (10) digital images that demonstrate a proficiency in the following elements and principles of art and design:

  • One (1) image demonstrating linear perspective
  • One (1) image demonstrating two-dimensional space and proportion
  • One (1) image demonstrating three-dimensional space and proportion
  • One (1) image demonstrating the application of color
  • One (1) image demonstrating a full range of value
  • One (1) image demonstrating verisimilitude or portraiture
  • One (1) image demonstrating abstraction or reduction
  • Three (3) additional images of your choosing
The Thesis Paper

Along with the digital portfolio, students participating in the SPR must also write a thesis paper comparing a work from a professional, modern/contemporary artist (one who produced work between 1900 and today) with a work the student has produced in the last year and a half. Students should analyze and interpret the works then compare the visual and contextual similarities and differences between the two pieces.

The thesis paper must adhere to the following criteria:

  • Paper must be written in APA format using APA styling
  • Paper must be between three (3) and five (5) pages (not including the title page, abstract, references, and appendix)
  • Paper must use a minimum of five (5) authoritative citations in APA format
  • Paper must use college-level spelling and grammar/syntax
  • Images must be included in an Appendix
  • Work must be reviewed by the UNK Writing Center
  • Paper must be saved and submitted as a .doc or .docx

How do I submit my work for SPR?

Students should submit their digital portfolio and thesis paper through the online form setup by the department. It is important that you make sure that all of the required elements for your sophomore portfolio are complete and ready to submit.

Image Requirements
  • Must be saved as .jpg, .jpeg, .gif, or .png
  • 3D work must be photographed from three (3) different angles but will count as one image
  • Longest side of image should be greater or equal to 1200px
  • All images should be under 2 MB
Thesis Requirements
  • Must be saved as .doc or .docx
  • Must use APA format/styling
  • Must be at least five (5) pages (not including title, appendix, and references)
  • Must be reviewed by UNK Writing Center

How is my portfolio evaluated?

Once your portfolio and thesis paper are received, the SPR Committee will review and assess your work. The portfolio is assessed based on the application of the elements and principles of art to solve design problems, the effectiveness of the decisions made in the creation of the art, and whether the work demonstrates the development of professional dispositions. The thesis paper is assessed on the comparison using vocabulary based on the elements and principles of art and design, the comparison of context and concept, the use of independent thought, as well as proper grammar and APA formatting.

Image Requirements
  • Must be saved as .jpg, .jpeg, .gif, or .png
  • 3D work must be photographed from three (3) different angles but will count as one image
  • Longest side of image should be greater or equal to 1200px
  • All images should be under 2 MB

Who can I contact with questions?

The SPR Committee is made up of Art and Design faculty. The current committee is made up of the follow faculty members:

  • Mr. Samuel Rapien (Committee Chair)
  • Mr. Derrick Burbul
  • Dr. Tim Garth
  • Mr. Doug Waterfield

How can I request an extension?

Transfer students and those with extenuating circumstances may apply for an extension. Students must obtain approval from their advisor for an extension and will not be considered without permission from their advisor. Students will not be able to take upper-level courses without completing the SPR.

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