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UNK Art and Design Sophomore Portfolio Review

The goal of the Sophomore Portfolio Review (SPR) is to assess and evaluate the acquired knowledge and skills of a student at the sophomore level within the art program at UNK. The evaluation will determine whether the student is allowed entry into the BFA program or BA in Art Education, or proceed toward a BA degree instead.

Evaluation of the SPR will be completed by the SPR committee and will become part of the student’s academic file. Problem areas may require additional effort from the student to provide evidence of sufficient improvement. Evaluations will be based on the departmental learning goals.

Students who transfer are required to participate in the annual SPR to be evaluated by the SPR faculty committee after the student’s first semester of classes at UNK.

Mandatory Preparatory Meetings:

Informational flier handed out at September BBQ
Informational Workshop in early November

Evaluation Process

In the spring semester of your sophomore year, you will prepare a portfolio of work that represents your best efforts and meets the criteria of the SPR. These materials will be submitted electronically no later than March 4.

Failure to submit will result in the student being unable to continue in the BFA or BA in Art Education programs or register for Junior-level courses. Students will be notified via email of their results in early April. The grading format of the SPR is pass or fail and is a requirement of all studio, art education, and VCD degrees.

The Portfolio

The portfolio will be submitted electronically. It must contain ten images and a Sophomore Thesis Paper. 2-D images should be saved as a .jpg, .jpeg, or .png files and uploaded. 3-D works should be photographed from three different angles and uploaded as .jpg, .jpeg, or .png files. The three views of one piece will count as a single image in the portfolio. Written work should be submitted in .doc or .docx formats only. Hard copies of work will not be accepted.

Sophomore Image Requirements

Each uploaded file must include the title of the work, its year of completion, dimensions and the media used. Specific Requirements for the ten submitted images:

  • One image demonstrating knowledge of perspective
  • One image demonstrating knowledge of two-dimensional space and proportion
  • One image demonstrating knowledge of three-dimensional space and proportion
  • One image demonstrating knowledge of color
  • One image demonstrating knowledge of a full range of value
  • One image demonstrating knowledge of verisimilitude or portraiture
  • One image demonstrating knowledge of abstraction or reduction
  • Three images of your own choosing

Sophomore Thesis Paper Requirements

Pick one piece that you developed in one of the six courses required for the SPR and develop a Sophomore Thesis Paper utilizing that artwork and one work of art by a master:

  • Scholarly paper (cited in APA format)
  • Minimum of five citations
  • College level grammar and syntax
  • Minimum of five pages (not including title, reference, or appendix, pages)
  • Images must be included in Appendix
  • Work must be reviewed by the UNK Writing Center before submission
  • Written work is to interpret, compare, analyze, and evaluate student work with a master’s work


UNK Sophomore Portfolio Review Form

UNK Sophomore Portfolio Review Application for Extension


Helpful Resources

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If you have a question regarding SPR that you don’t think will be covered in the SPR meeting,
contact Mr. Cavill at cavillwd@nullunk.edu