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The Online Master of Arts in Education catalog

Catalog for MAEd

(Current Catalog) Online Art Education program prepares teachers who face today’s challenges of coping with an increasingly diverse cultural population, students with a wide variety of disabilities who are mainstreamed into their classes, designing curriculum that addresses new pedagogical and learning theories, and the untapped frontier of providing arts activities to an aging population.

The program offers options for studio electives, a strong art history component, and the added benefit of addressing current pedagogical issues. The program meets criteria for excellent programs set forth by the National Art Education Association.

The Master of Arts in Education – Art Education program offers a research paper track or a thesis track. Both are 36 credit hours and consist of courses that are academically rigorous and research oriented. The courses included in the thesis track option prepare students for pursuing a doctoral degree.

Bachelor of Fine Arts – Studio Art Option

Current Catalog

(Current Catalog) This degree is a 129 credit hour program, which prepares students to become professional fine artists, and as such should be keenly interested in museums, galleries, professional lectures and competitive exhibitions.

The studio major is expected to demonstrate a high level of ability in basic art courses and to clearly excel in his/her area of specialization.

Students electing a studio major must complete a 33 credit hour concentration from one of the following: ceramics, drawing, glass, painting, printmaking, or sculpture; or students may elect to divide their specialization into 21 credit hours of a major studio area, and 12 hours of a minor studio area. FAQ: What Can I Do with a BFA in Studio Art? (pdf)

Bachelor of Arts – Studio Art Option

Current Catalog

(Current Catalog) The Bachelor of Arts Studio degree is a 125 credit hour program. Students electing this major will complete 27 credit hours of required courses studio courses that include 6 credit hours of art history.

In addition, students will take 9 credit hours of studio electives, and 6 credit hours of foreign language.

The Bachelor or Arts degree strives to provide students with an appreciation of the demands of the professional marketplace, and prepare them for productive careers in fine arts.

Bachelor of Fine Arts – Visual Communication and Design Option

Current Catalog

(Current Catalog) The Art & Design Department offers a comprehensive Bachelor of Fine Arts undergraduate degree in Visual Communications and Design. The VCD degree is one of the Programs of Excellence at the UNK (Priority Program).

Students can obtain a major or minor in the VCD Program that relates to current graphic design practice. The VCD educational experience involves a well-rounded fine art studio foundation with a design emphasis that involves the current practice, technology and theory of graphic design layout, typographic communications, identity branding systems, illustration, packaging, motion graphics and website design.

Check out our students’ samples here

Bachelor of Arts – Art History option

Current Catalog

(Current Catalog) The major in Art History offers a range of upper-level courses from the Renaissance to Late Modern periods.

Through classroom lectures and discussions, and assigned projects and papers, students learn to interpret visual art using a variety of methodologies and contextual frameworks grounded in a critical understanding of the Western tradition.

Art K-12 Teaching Field Endorsement

Current Catalog

(Current Catalog) The Bachelor of Arts in Education degree program is a 132 credit hour program which prepares students to teach art in Kindergarten through twelfth grades.

The program includes a wide range of studio courses to develop creative ability, methodology courses for pedagogical competence and courses for understanding the philosophy behind and psychology of art education.

Courses include methods for teaching students with diverse needs and developing integrated curriculums.   Field experiences in K-12 classroom settings are required for practical experience.

The final semesters of the program include an exhibition of the student’s artwork and a full semester of student teaching.

Art Minor

This minor is for those students desiring an introductory study of and experience with art fundamentals, and two and three-dimensional studio processes, tolls and techniques.

Students may choose from the following:

Minor in Art 

Minor in Art History

Minor in Visual Communication and Design

Minor in Photography

Minor in Art (Elementary Education)

Minor in Illustration