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2016 Graduates

Austin Gabehart (VCD S2016) is a Freelance Designer in Kearney
Hope Pracht (VCD S2016) is a Project Director at Huntrex Digital Agency in Broken Bow, NE
Amalia Stevens (VCD S2016) is a Social Media Manager at B&R Stores and Project Manager at 24 Hour Tees in Kearney
Brittany Wolken (VCD S2016) is a Freelance Designer and intern at Bailey Lauerman in Omaha
Shai Matson (VCD S2016) is the owner of Ioda Designs in NE
Ethan Ochoa (VCD S2016) is a Designer at The Buckle in Kearney 
Rachael Schacht (VCD S2016) is a Designer at Cabelas in Sidney, NE
Ian Thomas (VCD S2016) is a Designer at Baldwin Filters in Kearney
Lauren Van Winkle (VCD S2016) is a Junior Advertising Designer at Sojern in Omaha
Megan Cherry (ART ED S2016) is an art instructor at Corky Creations Paint N Sip in Kearney
Hannah Backer (STUDIO S2016) works at Creative Image at Buckle and is Owner/Photographer at HJB Photography in Kearney
Jessica John (STUDIO S2016) is a Photographer/Marketing at The Giddy Cowgirl and a Freelancer at Jess Marie in Kearney
Emily Kowalski (STUDIO S2016) is a Photographer at Emily Kowalski Photography in Evans, CO
Catrina Maxwell-Gray (STUDIO S2016) is the owner of Simply Unique Images. Photography Instructor at Kearney Park and Rec. Photographer at Complete Weddings + Events High Plains. Photography Instructor at CCC Extended Learning Services Grand Island.
Alexandria Olsen (STUDIO S2016) is a Coach at Team Beachbody Coach Connections in Lincoln

2015 Graduates

Megan Schroll (STUDIO S2015) artist at Megan Schroll Art in Kearney
Trinity Abrams (ART ED S2015) Art teacher at Creek Valley Public School in Chapell, NE
Jennifer Green (ART ED S2015) is a Graphic Designer at Morris Press Cookbooks 
Renae Breemes (VCD S2015) is a marketing assistant at Tri-City Storm Hockey in Kearney
Laura Fear (VCD S2015) works at the Kearney Hub
Hannah Kirschner (VCD S2015) works at Wondros in Los Angeles, CA
Ashley Leising (VCD S2015) is a Graphic Designer at The Buckle in Kearney
Kyleigh Skaggs (VCD S2015) works at Bailey Lauerman in Omaha
Marie Bauer-Bombeck (VCD F2015) works at Copycat Printing in Kearney
Taylor Cody (VCD F2015) works at 24 Hour Tees in Kearney
Marissa Pfeifer (VCD F2015) works at DAAKE in Omaha
Taylor Feickert (ART ED F2015) is a middle school art teacherin Elkhorn, NE
Jackie Ridgway (ART ED F2015) is an art teacher at The Freedom School

2014 Graduates

Allison Shafer (STUDIO S2014) works at Hastings Middle School 
Clyde Thomas (STUDIO S2014) is a Bboy Dance Instructor at Premier Gymnastics in Omaha
Kelly Skunes (STUDIO S2014) is a glass blower at Glassybaby in Oakland, CA
Kenzie Helmink (ART ED S2014) is an art instructor at Crete Public Schools 
Tess Bagnell (VCD S2014) is a Freelancer at Tess Bagnell Design and Designer at LIPS Printing
Megan Cruise (VCD S2014) is a Graphic Designer at BigIron in St. Edward, NE
Suzanne Egan (VCD S2014) is a Marketing Designer at Byteman Entertainment in Pennsylvania
Amy Gugel (VCD S2014) is a Graphic Designer/Social Media Coordinator at Task Lighting in Amherst
Rachel Moore (VCD S2014) is a Art Director at Concierge Marketing, Inc. in Omaha
Elizabeth Starr (VCD S2014) is a Graphic Artist Intern at Baldwin Filters in Kearney
Jacklyn Westesen (VCD S2014) is a Marketing Manager and Event Services Specialist at Kearney Visitors Bureau  in Kearney
Shaunie Gaspari (VCD F2014) is a Marketing Associate/Designer at Hamilton Telecommunications in Litchfield, NE
Julie Gates (VCD F2014) is an English teacher at Kings Kids English Academy in Seoul, South Korea
Travis Stewart (VCD F2014) is a Designer at Reactor Design Studio in Kansas City, Missouri Area
Sondra McCord (VCD F2014) is a Freelance Designer in Kearney

2013 Graduates 

Sarah Jones (BA Art History S2008) is working on a PhD in Art History at University of Missouri, and is Curator of Public Arts for the University Student Unions.
Logan Bartels (VCD S2013) is a Designer at Swanson Russell in Omaha
Dani Donovan (VCD S2013) is a Designer at HDR, Inc. in Omaha
Natalie Valalik (VCD S2013) is a Designer/Production at Cornerstone Group in Grand Island
Kristin White (VCD S2013) is a Designer at The Buckle in Kearney
Tiffany Hartwell (VCD S2013) is a Web Designer at Central Community College in Hastings
Brittany Bauer (VCD S2013) is a Designer at Elemental Scientific in Omaha
Vincent Carter (VCD S2013) is a Designer in Omaha
Bailey Palmer (VCD S2013) is a Senior Market Sales in Omaha
Liz (Hudec) Chvatal (VCD S2013) is a Freelance Designer and UNK Admissions Councelor in Kearney
Katie Berglund (STUDIO F2013) is a Tech Assistant at North Platte Public Library
Molly McPhillips (STUDIO F2013) is an art teacher at Pius X High School in Lincoln
Jeff Jacobitz (Art ED F2013) is an art teacher at Alief Taylor High School in Houston, Texas
Shelby Krause (Art ED F2013) is an art teacher at Lincoln Public Schools
Erika Baltzell (VCD F2013) is a supply chain specialist at ConAgra Foods in Kearney
Yvonne Angulo (VCD F2013) is a freelance Graphic Designer/Bilingual Teller at FirstBank in Fort Collins, CO
Danielle Olson (VCD F2013) is a Designer/Marketing Assistant at BigIron in Kearney

2012 Graduates

Kylie Hauer (VCD F2012) is a Designer at Action Marketing LLC in Lincoln
Jennifer Green (VCD F2012) is a Designer at Morris Press in Kearney
Amanda Olson (VCD S2012) is a Designer at Sandhills Publishing in Lincoln
Braeden Tyma (VCD S2012) is a Designer at SCORR Marketing in Kearney
Liz White (VCD S2012) is a Designer at Sergeant’s Pet Care in Omaha
Amy Markham (VCD S2012) is a Designer and Photographer at Amos Nicholai Photography and Design in Omaha

2011 Graduates

Caleb Chvatal (VCD F2011) is a freelance designer in Kearney
Mardi Engels (VCD F2011) is a freelance designer and Director of Marketing at UNK Dining Services in Kearney
Allison Kuklis (VCD F2011) is a Designer at Sandhills Publishing in Lincoln
Areana Push (VCD F2011) is a Designer in Arizona
Kyle Sayler (VCD F2011) is a Designer at The Buckle in Kearney
Jake Hoffmaster (VCD S2011) is a Designer at The Buckle in Kearney
Daniel Dunbar (VCD S2011) is a Designer at Swanson Russell in Lincoln
Michael Kennedy (VCD S2011) is a Designer at BrandQuery, LLC in Mount Vernon, WA
Julie Polk (VCD S2011) is a Designer at Omaha’s Henry Doorly Zoo & Aquarium in Omaha
Jaysie Ross (VCD S2011) is a Designer at Sandhills Publishing in Lincoln
Yang Song (VCD S2011) is a pursuing a Masters at Otis College of Art and Design in Los Angeles
Kat Tinkham (VCD S2011) is a Designer at The Buckle in Kearney

2010 Graduates

Steve Wolf (VCD F2010) is a Designer at Panini America Dallas, TX
Jessica Blex (VCD S2010) owns Jessica Blex Photography & Design in Kearney
Afton Palmer (VCD S2010) is a Designer at Iridian Group in Omaha
Tonya Adamiak (VCD S2010) is a Photo Specialist at Walmart in Lincoln
Carla Frisch (VCD S2010) is a Designer at Big Red Printing in Norfolk
Amy Jacobson (VCD S2010) is a Designer at UNK in Kearney
Afton Palmer (VCD S2010) is a Designer at Emspace Group in Omaha

2009 Graduates

Nate Eskra (VCD F2009) is a Designer at June Advertising in Omaha
Jared Muehlenkamp (VCD F2009) is an Intern at Let There Be Dragons in Los Angeles
Hiroki Takei (VCD F2009) is a Designer in Japan
Claire Freeburg (VCD S2009) is a Designer at Morris Press in Kearney
Drake Sauer (VCD S2009) is a Designer at Morris Press in Kearney
Brandy Nichols (VCD S2009) is a Designer at SCORR Marketing in Kearney
Ryan Wrobel (VCD S2009) is a Designer in Arizona
L. L. Price (VCD S2009) is a Freelance Designer atllpricedesigns in Lincoln

2008 Graduates

Anne McGovern (VCD S2008) is a Designer for the Buckle in Kearney
Roberto Montiel (VCD S2008) is Designer & Account Exec. at El Perico-The Reader in Omaha
Janai Robinson (VCD S2008) Pursuing Master of Divinity at Seminary in Dubuque
Zack Salem (VCD S2008) is an Artist Relations/Social Meida at Musicpage.com in Omaha
Cassi (Ellenwood) Gloe (VCD F2008) is a Curriculum Designer at InquisiCorp in Littleton, CO
Amanda Erickson (VCD F2008) is a Designer in Texas
Andrea (Trew) Gourley (VCD F2008) is a Designer for David Day + Associates in Omaha
Drew Gourley (VCD F2008) is a web developer at Oxide Design Co. in Omaha
Tina Mieth (VCD F2008) is a Designer for Builder’s Warehouse in Kearney
Holly Walton (VCD F2008) is a Product Designer at Oriental Trading Company in Omaha
J. Nathan Hansen (VCD S2008) is a Customer Service Manager at West Corporation in Omaha
Francesca Hunt (VCD S2008) is a Administrative Assistant in the Student Services Center atUniversity of Oklahoma in Oklahoma

2007 Graduates

Bob Heiden (VCD S2007) is a Designer for the Buckle in Kearney
Brook (Carpenter) Pierce (VCD S2007) is a Creative Services Director at SCORR Marketing in Kearney
Jessi Jacobs (BFA S2007) has a new ceramics business, Impluse Pottery
Brandon Oltman (VCD F2007) is a Designer at Bailey Lauerman in Lincoln
Adam Torpin (VCD F2007) is a Designer at Oxide Design Co. in Omaha
Dawn (Wallinger) Sailors (VCD S2007) is Vice President of Creative at Iridian Group in Omaha
Ashley Stuhr (VCD S2007) is a Designer at Iridian Group in Omaha
Andrea Peachey (VCD S2010) is a Packaging and Graphics Designer at Baldwin Filters in Kearney
Eric Schroetlin (VCD S2010) is a Clinet service Analyst and Branding Specialist at Fiserv in Lincoln

2006 Graduates

Tim Karges (VCD S2006) is a Web/Graphic Designer at Cash-Wa in Kearney
Christopher Araujo (VCD Minor 2006) is enrolled at The Creative Circus in Atlanta, GA
David Beach (VCD F2006) is an Art Director at Anomaly in the New York City Area
Jeremiah Bengtson (VCD F2006) teaches Interactive Design at Bellevue University in Bellevue
John Deitering (VCD S2006) is a Designer atThe Omaha World Herald in Omaha
Justin Leatherman (VCD S2006) is Art Director Indicia Design in Kansas City
Jared Rawlings (VCD S2006) is a Designer at Nelnet in Lincoln
Gabe Re (VCD F2006) is a Designer at EBD in Denver
Janelle Reed (VCD S2006) is Director of Communications at People’s City Mission in Lincoln
Casey Stokes (VCD S2006) is Lead Designer at Daake Design in Omaha
Steven Valish (VCD S2006) is a Senior Designer at Daake Design in Omaha

2005 Graduates

Chad Carstensen (VCD 2005) is Graphic/Web Designer at Senior Market Sales Inc., in Omaha
Stacy Davis (VCD S2005) is a Designer at Aurora Creative in Rapid City
Jill (Andreasen) Friesen (VCD S2005) is a Designer at David Day + Associates in Omaha
Sara Wiebe (VCD F2005) is a Designer at HDR in Omaha
Zach Friesen (VCD F2005) is a Graphic Coordinator at Streck in Omaha
Chris Thompson (VCD F2005) is a Designer at Nebraska Methodist Health System in Omaha

2004 Graduates

Curtis Pachuka (VCD F2004) is Senior Designer/Art Director at Wieden + Kennedy in Portland, Oregon
Matt Delany (VCD F2004) is a Designer at HDR in Omaha
Ryan Palu (VCD F2004) is a Production Line Supervisor at Eaton Corporation in Lincoln
Elisa Krysl (VCD F2004) is a Designer in Boston
Michelle Sukup (VCD S2004) is a Designer at Bailey Lauerman in Omaha
Stephanie Todd (VCD S2004) is a Production Manager at SCORR Marketing in Kearney

2003 Graduates

Justin Young (VCD F2004) is an Art Director at Swanson Russell in Lincoln
Karen Koch (VCD F2004) is Senior Designer at Wieden + Kennedy in Portland, Oregon
Richie Berggren (VCD 2003) is Creative Manager at Bosselman Companies in Grand Island
Joel Kreutzer (VCD 2003) is a Designer at Archrival in Lincoln
Scott Miller (VCD 2003) is a Designer at Idea Bank Marketing in Omaha
Ben Rowe (VCD S2003) is Partner and Creative Director at SCORR Marketing in Kearney
Megan Fitch (VCD S2003) is a Designer/Art Manager Pinnacle Designs in Pasadena, CA

2002 Graduates

Jontue Hollingsworth (2002) is a Graphic Designer in Anchorage, AK
Trevor Pierce (VCD F2002) works for Wall Street On Demand in Boulder, CO
Joe Svoboda (VCD F2002) is Art Director at Look Film Design in Omaha
Kelly Petersen (VCD F2002) is a Senior Graphic Design Coordinator/Creative Director atOlson Associates in Omaha

2001 Graduates

Bridget Buddenberg (VCD S2001) is Principal Designer at Fresh Picked Design in Orange, VA.
Steven Hughes (VCD 2001) is an Interactive Art Director at Zaiss & Compnay in Omaha.
Tara Witte (VCD 2001) is a Graphic Designer at the University of Nebraska Medical Center in Papillion.
Dana (Leafdale) Heimes (VCD 2001) is a Designer at the Ad. agency CK Communications in Melbourne, Florida

2000 Graduates

Randall Myers (VCD 2000) is Creative Director at Neebo in Lincoln
Christopher Cox (VCD 2000) Founder of Changethethought Blog and Studio in Denver,
Geoff Cyboron (Art Ed. 2000) teaches K-12 Art at Centura High School, Central Nebraska
Steve Hansen (VCD 2000) is the College of Fine Arts and Humanities IT ccoordinator at UNK in Kearney
Allen Boe (VCD 2000) is a Creative Director Huebner Petersen in Denver
AnnDrea Boe (VCD 2000) is Director of Brand Stategy at Wyoming Office of Tourism in Cheyenne, Wyoming
Brian T. Osborn (VCD 2000) is the Boss at AardvarksArts in Holdrege
Julie (Leahy) Lingbloom (VCD 2000) is an Art Director at David Day + Associates in Omaha
Dave Markes (VCD 2000) is Designer/Art Director University of Nebraska Medical Center in Omaha
Nick Nyffeler (2000) is Creative Services Manager, Richmond American Homes Denver, CO 

1999 Graduates

Eric Krelle (VCD S1999) is a Senior Product Designer at Oriental Trading Co. in Omaha

1998 Graduates

Becky Liebentritt(VCD 1998) is Project Graphic Designer at HDR Architecture, Inc. in Omaha
Cindi Coulter (VCD 1998) is a Graphic Designer at Freelane Graphic Design/Art Direction Services in Ravenna
Angela Stueckrath (VCD 1998) freelances and is a sales Asso. at Woods Bros Realty in Lincoln
Michael Pohl (VCD 1998) is a Graphic Deisnger at SCORR Marketing in Kearney

1997 Graduates

Phillip Schimonitz (1997), is a Graphic Design Instructor at Northeast Community College in Norfolk
Erica Rowe (1997), Art Director at Bozell in Omaha
Kyle Kiefer (1997) is a Marketing Coordinator at Smeal Fire Apparatus Co. in Snyder
Donovan Beery (VCD F1997) is owner of Eleven19 Communications Inc. In Omaha
Cortney Christensen (VCD 1997) is a Designer in marketing for Kansas City University of Medicine and Biosciences in Kansas City

1996 Graduates

Greg Daake (VCD 1996) Owner of Daake design firm in in Omaha
Barbara Amstutz (VCD 1996) is Director, Creative Services at Tremor video in New York City

1995 Graduates

Checksant (Sant) Gangakate (VCD 1995) is a lecturer of Communication Design at King Mongkutt University of Technology in Thonburi, Thailand

1994 Graduates

Drew Waldron (Design 1996), Droodlez Characters, The Backwoods Comics, Illustrator in Kearney

1996 Graduates

Kim (Niemants) Guyer (Design 1994) is Director of The Creative Center in Omaha 

1989 Graduates

Sean Faden (Design 1989) is VP/Creative Director at Bailey Lauerman in Lincoln
Jeffrey Hoffman (Design 1989) is Founder/owner Cloud Nine design in Phoenix AZ