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Size Requirements for the Scholarship Application Image Uploader   

KEEP IN MIND: When submissions are successful, a confirmation message appears in the browser.

There is NO error message for application submissions that fail due to image or file-size problems.

We want you, the prospective art major, to apply for a scholarship.
Please read and follow our instructions to reduce file-size, so your application submission is successful. 

Cameras, including most smartphone cameras, take photos that are much too large for our image uploader.

There are two “size” attributes that you must adjust to upload images.

  • the dimension size (width or height) and
  • the file size measured in bytes – kilobytes (KB), megabytes (MB).

Dimension-size: The largest side of each image (width or height)  should be at least 600 pixels long. Most image editors can help you resize your photos based on pixel-size rather than inches. This dimension-size will help keep the file-size smaller, so your total upload will be within the uploader limit.

File Size: Each image file-size should be smaller than 2MB. Reduce photo sizes more by flattening any image layers. Save images in the common JPEG format.

Tools to Edit Pixel-Size and File Size:

There are many desktop photo adjustment tools, including Adobe Photoshop and Gimp (free). Many mobile apps are available for this task as well.

Free, online tools to adjust and/or reduce file size include:

Photoshop Express
Resize2 (online size change)

Required upload FORMAT:
Image files must be saved in the common JPEG (.jpg) format.

We recommend that you re-check both the dimension sizes (at least 600 px long) and file-sizes before you start uploading to your scholarship application.

Check image file-sizes:
PC computers: mouse-over the image (or select).
Right-click to open the dialog box.
Choose “Properties.” Read size under “General tab” in the dialog box.
Macs: click the file once to select file,
Go to Menu “File” and choose “Get Info.” Read size in the dialog box.

Check total upload size:
Place all images in a folder on your desktop.
PC computers:
mouse-over the image folder.
Right-click to open the dialog box.
Choose “Properties” from dialog box. Under the “General” Tab, read folder size.
Click your folder once to select it.
Go to Menu “File” and choose “Get Info.” Read folder size in the dialog box.

If your application attempt fails due to an oversized image upload; reduce image sizes, recheck, then try again.
Contact a member of the committee if you have questions about how to prepare images or if you do not receive a confirmation message after several attempts.


  1. Adjust and check image sizes based on our requirement before uploading. (see free, online adjustment tools above.)
  2. Save images in the JPEG (.jpg) format. (The uploader will not accept PDFs, other formats, large layered files, or slide shows.)
  3. You will receive a scholarship application confirmation message when your submission is successful,
  4. Contact a member of the committee if you continue to experience problems with file-size, or if a slow connection speed prevents a successful scholarship submission.