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Congratulations to the University of Nebraska Kearney’s Visual Communication and Design Seniors Kelsi Bradley, Julie Gates, Matt Schultz, Travis Stewart, Victoria Thompson, and Junior Kassidy McConville for winning awards at the 2014 AIGA Nebraska Show.

Kassidy McConville won a Judges Choice Award for her photography “Become.” GOLD awards are Kassidy McConville’s “Become;” and Julie Gate’s “Shuttle Cork” and “Totem Coffeehouse;” SILVER award Kassidy McConville “Develop;” BRONZE awards Kelsi Bradley’s “Peppers,” Matt Schultz’s “Ursa Mead” and “VCD Senior Show,” Travis Stewart’s “Planet Brewery,” Victoria Thompson’s “Blackbuck Rum, and Junior Kassidy McConville’s “Change.”

 The AIGA Nebraska Show Exhibition is open until January 31, 2014 at the KANEKO on 1111 Jones Street in Omaha, NE.

 2014 AIGA Nebraska Show Judges:

Chris Glass
Chris Glass is a designer at Wire & Twine. A Cincinnati native, his work spans visual design, identity development, motion, user-interface, photography, and from time to time, t-shirts.

Helen Rice
Helen Rice is creative director and co-founder at Fuzzco. Fuzzco is a creative agency in Charleston, SC whose more notable clients include MailChimp, Zenefits and Google. When she’s not working, she finds time to see friends, stay healthy, make pottery and keep chickens.

Tobias Van Schneider
Tobias Van Schneider is an award-winning German designer, raised in Austria and currently living in New York City. He is building new products as art director & lead product designer with Spotify USA. While being self-taught, Tobias is focused on branding and interactive design, keeping a multidisciplinary approach to all of his projects